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The ‘M’ looms everywhere… EVERYWHERE!

As most of you are probably aware, we’re currently closing in on every metalhead’s favourite holiday: Halloween! The perfect chance for you to go out on the town without being judged for wearing socially awkward clothing! Exciting isn’t it? I can finally wear my S&M gear in public!

To celebrate Halloween we’ve created a very special Monolithic Halloween contest, and because you’re all awesome people, we’re going to make it incredibly easy for you to participate!

In the future we want to run semi-regular competitions that are for our members only, in order to truly enhance their experience. However, because it’s early days, we’re offering membership-related prizes for those still unsure about joining, and even better prizes for our legion of Acolytes!
To win these prizes, it’s very simple: all you must do is dress up for Halloween and send us a photograph of your costume – either on The Monolith’s Facebook wall as well as tagging us on your own wall, or sending us an e-mail at
You don’t have to dress yourselves up, however. If you want, you can dress up your pets, your buildings, your genitals, or your trusty sentient toaster. There are no limits. If you can dress it, you can submit it. The best dressed entries will stand a chance of winning some awesome loot. You have until the 1st November 2012, and we’re going to be giving away a whole bunch of stuff, so get involved! Get your friends involved and help us support independent music!Everyone can take part! If you’d like to become an Acolyte, look no further than here!
One of The Monolith’s loyal Elite Guard on patrol