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First suitably creepy trailer for The Strain debuts online


Judging by the success of shows like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Showtime’s recent Penny Dreadful – television audiences seem to crave their share of horror themed series. Combine that with multiple long running supernatural themed shows such as True Blood, Being Human, Supernatural, Grimm, The Vampire Diaries etc., and it’s clear that there is a desire for strong content that contains a creepy edge.

FX are getting ready to launch their own television series of The Strain, a trilogy of novels co-written by acclaimed Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, and Chuck Hogan. The resulting novels are a terrifying and unique take on the vampire myth, one that has apocalyptic repercussions. If the series maintains even a fraction of the atmosphere and intensity found within the novels then audiences will be in for a treat.

The Strain begins with CDC Agent Ephraim Goodweather investigating a plane that has landed in JFK Airport. Most of the inhabitants are dead, with only a few clinging to survival. It seems to be a terrifying new viral weapon of unknown origin, but things take a turn for the worse when elderly Polish immigrant Abraham Setrakian comes forward and informs Goodweather and co. that this is actually an ancient strain of vampirism led by an unspeakably horrific force of nature known as The Master.

As you can imagine, from there things continually escalate as this new, terrifying disease is far more deadly than anyone could have imagined. Goodweather finds himself teaming up with Setrakian and  rag tag group of other New York survivors in an attempt to thwart the apocalypse.

The series is set to star Corey Stoll (House Of Cards – it’s weird to see him with hair!), Kevin Durand, David Bradley, Sean Astin, Mia Maestro, Robert Maillet and long time Del Toro collaborator and friend Doug Jones. Anyone familiar with these actors will know that they are extremely capable of delivering strong dramatic performances, which will most certainly be required of them when life as we know it begins to crumble and decay all around them.

Check out the trailer below:

While the trailer is very short, it gives us our first real look at the show which seems to be shaping up promisingly under the sharp eye of Del Toro who directed the pilot. It certainly feels like a Del Toro production with  a visual style skewing similar to his other English language work such as Blade II and Hellboy. In fact, the eagle eyed among you will have already likely made several comparisons to Blade II due to the vampires in the Strain eschewing traditional fangs in favor of a disgusting proboscis to infect their victims. Without spoiling anything, the vampires in the Strain are like the vampires in Blade II on steroids to the power of 10.

The Strain

Fans of supernatural themed or horror shows that feel the genre is growing stale can rest assured that The Strain will offer an entire new breed of horror when it debuts on Sunday July 13th. I can’t wait and neither should you.

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