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It’s officially been a week since The Monolith first launched. We had a little bit of a rocky start, but you guys managed to crash a very reputable host in a very short period of time. After a pretty hectic weekend we were back up and running on the Monday. This week has mostly been about introducing our writers and getting back into the swing of things. Here’s a rundown of what happened this week and what you can expect next week:

* We’ve introduced our editors and the members of The Iron Council: Quigs & Disinformasiya. They talked a little about their inspiration behind The Monolith and the directions they want to take it.

* We’ve adopted two little puppies. One of whom is an adorable dog who everyone would love to have as their best friend, but they can’t because he’s ours. The other – well, when we adopted him his previous owners had been very mean to him, making him a little rough around the edges, but we love him anyway (he’d maul us otherwise). Most of the time we can keep Leviathan under control, but once a week we’ll be letting the Attack Dog off his leash for his Trendshredder column. He promises he’ll behave otherwise – but beware his ire.

* We’ve also introduced our film columnists: Jane Fraud and Ol’ Rusty. Ms Fraud is going to be debuting her column next week called Fraud Or Freud, which will be about gender sexuality and representation in movies. Ol’ Rusty is a little peculiar…sadly, writing about grindhouse cinema isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, so if you just read his stuff and keep your kids away from him there should be no problems. His column, The Grindshack debuted a couple of days ago and it’s definitely worth a read!

* By now you’ve all noticed our incredible artwork created by the genius Pär Olofsson – but have you noticed the ‘toggle artwork’ slider in the top left corner? It hides the main website and allows you to feast your eyes on the beauty that is The Monolith! See the dark clouds gathering? The shining city in the distance? The We’re going to be sitting down with him sometime soon in the future to craft a cool feature detailing the gruelling process that went into creating this masterpiece.

* This weekend we’re going to announce the rest of the winners of our launch give-away contests. Sunday will also be the final day to gain a chance to win a digipak of Sylosis‘ new record Monolith, via signing up for one of our Acolyte memberships.

* Next week will also see us reveal more details about the first release of Monolithic Records, which is going to be a free download for all of our Acolytes! If you sign up before the end of the week you’ll get a free download of the splash page track “Conquer/Collapse” that formed a crucial part of The Monolith’s aesthetic in the build-up to launch.

* Later today we will be announcing our first Monolithic Member competition, because it’s early days for The Monolith we’re going to allow non members to enter this one as well – though the prizes are much better for Acolytes!

* We will be unveiling new special features based around vinyl, the DIY ethic, grindcore, classic albums and mathcore.

* Watch out for the release of the first episode of our brand new audio feature “The Musician Think Tank”. This will be a free download podcast for our Acolytes and will feature three great musicians discussing a litany of music topics. The first episode focuses on sharing insights in music production as well as some incredibly honest information obtained via the experiences these musicians have had in their careers.

All in all, The Monolith has had a successful first week and that is due to your amazing support. At the end of each week we’re going to be providing a quick rundown of some of the best moments of the last week, but also hinting towards some really cool stuff we have appearing in the future.

There are a lot of perks to being an Acolyte of The Monolith, so sign up today and get involved early! As we expand our operations things will get better and better for the people who choose to adopt us early.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first week as much as we have. We’re going to be releasing informative posts about how to use the Events Calendar and Community section in the near future, so look out for them.

Despite a busy week, we’re looking to make things even better, and your feedback is a vital part of this, so please leave a comment or email us at one of our many addresses on our contact page.