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Humility – to know yourself ACCURATELY.

I’m not going to post a single, solitary word on this website that comes from an alter-ego personality developed to procure internet friendships on social-networking sites with any of the humans that make up the society we comprise. I, too, have self-aggrandized my own knowledge of music, giving myself a badge of authority on all things music-related; the same badge you’ve tacked onto your leather vest pocket.

Why would any of you feel even the slightest inkling to read a shred of yarble I’ll be posting on this very website?

1) You’re tired of reading biased, horse-shit, recycled posts on every metal news herald you have book-marked in Google Chrome. It may bother you that every writer on the website you used to love writes praising, piece of shit articles about bands they developed friendships with, simply based on that fact alone. Where did your trustworthy recommendations go?!?! RIGHT HERE.

2) Maybe, just maybe, you actually like reading an opinion on something you find to be in your segment that actually seems like it came from someone whom actually doesn’t feel the need to win anyone over with their spacky praise.

3) You like diversity. “Wow, you know, Kimble, I’m actually quite tired of these shitty referrals that seem to be uniformly spouted across my go-to music/movie/etc blog’s database.”

A little bit about me, in a bit of a formulaic sense:

I perform, produce, and write music with my band, the Binary Code. I’m married. I have a dog-child that my wife and I rescued, named Lily. I don’t have kids, and I don’t want them – but I do like kids who behave. Dogs’ll do for now. I haven’t cared about music nearly as long as you, but I do have an inherently fiercer passion for things I enjoy; more than the average idiot. I tried to study music in college at a reputable university known for their jazz program. If I’m honest – in retrospect – I was intimidated by the caliber of musicians at my university – as I am to this day, still intimidated by the technical prowess of most players. Sifting through the cowardice of that statement, understand that I do not envy the technical prowess. I envy people who create things, effortlessly, with the ability to captivate and instill permanent memories, all with the power of innate – not learned – gift and talent. My musical gears have shifted time after time, gear after gear, until I recently understood that I could just swim through the seas of music, versus driving around it. I wholeheartedly LOVE and understand music, more than I do anything of myself, or anything else in this world.

But I also share a passion for movies, the culinary arts (Alton Brown is my hero), and education. The more you know about everything, the better. Limiting yourself to a sequestered field of education, film, life, and music, to me, is one of the biggest disservices you can do to yourself.

Recently watching: This Must Be the Place (Sean Penn plays a Robert Smith of the Cure equivalent – EXCELLENT soundtrack)

Recently listening to: Daylight DiesFrail Becoming (should turn out to be a classic). Here’s the first track from it: “Infidel“.