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Happy belated birthday to us (again)!


Editor’s note: we miscalculated our birthday back in September sometime so anything you may have seen us harping on about then WAS A GODDAMN LIE! We can’t claim to be perfect any more, but if you’ll just look into the light at the end of this pen…

Almost one month ago – October 19th 2013, to be exact – the Monolith celebrated its very first birthday, so I thought it would be a good opportunity reflect on the past year. I’ve been here since the beginning – and even before the launch – and I have to say it has been a lot of fun. This is my first writing position for any online publication, and I’m grateful for Quigs for taking a chance on some random Canadian dude that pestered him in the days when he edited for the now-defunct Number Of The Blog and even chased him across Canada to meet him. I also have to thank Chris for not turfing me out when he learned I was a complete novice at webzine writing, as well as both of them for being cool guys.

Because of their tutelage and ruthless whip-cracking, I have improved my writing significantly since my first post, to the point where going back to my old reviews is hard as I see so many ways I could have better written them. I’ve had great and mediocre albums to review, and made quite a few connections. Ultimately, I have had a great time in the past year writing for this website. I had a few times where I felt demotivated, but it was always because of outside factors; never because I was burnt out on writing.

Over the first 365 days we’ve been active, I have written 135 posts. Most are just news posts, but the reviews and the Heavy MTL recap were definitely fun to write. I hope that I have at least made some difference in someone’s listening habits, but even if not, I still like getting my thoughts out there, knowing that at least Chris and/or Quigs have to read them. I don’t plan on leaving The Monolith any time soon. In fact, I’ll probably write even more or a greater variety. In the future, I definitely hope to write more opinion posts, and things that aren’t just “here is music, go listen”. Maybe I’ll start a column or something, pending approval from the Iron Council. I have ideas, people, it’s just a matter of executing them.

Happy first birthday to The Monolith. It has been a good year. The second year marks a chance to refocus our efforts and begin anew with our goals.

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