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Me. A wildly screaming monkey with a pink bottom. The Baboon.

Why the name? No, it has nothing to do with hemorrhoids. As some will have guessed, I’ve flown my ass in from Death Metal Baboon Dot Com, a site that I’ve managed to manage since 2009. Recurring question: why the name then? Not long before I decided to set up the DMB blog I saw a 1996 movie called The Ghost and the Darkness. Most notable supporting act; a baboon deployed as bait to catch two man-eating lions. The screaming noise and face it pulled as the lions approach reminded me of a death metal vocalist. Blog name chosen.

I’m a Dutch national, born in the mid-eighties. Too young to have consciously experienced the birth of death metal, but a great fan of the genre nonetheless for about a decade now. Specifically, my tastes tend towards the Scandinavian and more melodic end of the spectrum, particularly when it has a bit of rolling groove as well, though I do not fear a good piece of classic death metal or thrash either. My favorite bands include Amon Amarth, Sylosis (also responsible for my favorite song of the year), Omnium Gatherum, Before the Dawn, Dawn of Solace, Soilwork, Insomnium and As I Lay Dying. And Soundgarden. Fuck, I love Soundgarden!

As said, I started metal-blogging in 2009, mainly as a ways to fill my spare time productively with what I love. It allowed me to share my musical discoveries, while at the same time getting tipped-off on so many great bands in return (including half of the bands mentioned above). Moreover, it gave me a way to write down what I hear in music, even though that still proves to be a challenge to date. The funny thing is that this has definitely evolved – or should I just say changed? – my tastes over the years. Where I first got off on catchy melodies and violently fast guitar solos, I now look for a more holistic experience in music. There needs to be atmosphere and a story, told in music, not in lyrics. Sylosis, Omnium Gatherum and Before the Dawn, for instance, are masters at delivering exactly that.

Now, having a job and a house to pay for, my spare time is not so abundant anymore, but I’ll continue to crack one out every once in a while at The Monolith.

I live with my girlfriend in the west of the Netherlands, not far from The Hague. Other fancies in life: cars (BMWs and old American muscle cars), hamburgers and, for a few years now skiing!