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I was born, now I’m here.
What, you want me to write more? Mother-

Well the names Ol’ Rusty see, and thats the way I like it. Divorced seven times and accused of rape only once. I like to think I know a thing or two about the world to teach you young spunk’sters before I cop my last feel – and that’s that money doesn’t buy you everything. Hookers? sure. Blow? Hell yes. But it won’t get you what you really want, and thats PASSION! Thats one thing money won’t buy me, because I want films shot on stock so cheap that theres filth on my screen as well as the lens they shot it on. Yeah thats right, I like my movies like I like my metal: fucking raw.

So, take all your fancy A-list movies, and your multimillion dollar fluffer budgets and shove them up your gaping ass. This here is Ol’ Rusty’s Grindshack, and what we like here is cheap, dirty, nasty and possibly stained with seamen.

You see, there are a host of movies, long forgotten by many, and it’s up to me and you watchers out there to dig through the filth and lost toenails of the bargin bins and find these rejected classics. “Tasteless” some will say of them; “mindless” others – but these damn sober sissies don’t know what they are on about. For there’s something magical in this madness, and for those that see it; rejoice! And for those that don’t;
suck a fucking egg.So come down to my shack on a Wednesday night, bring some sweat pants and a couple of beers (so as not to free-load) whilst we cruise into this voyage of darkness and attempt to find something hard and full of milky goodness that tickles our fancy.Yours truly,

Ol’ Rusty