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I may lack the flagrancy of character and social charm of my fellow peers here at the Monolith, but all you really need to know about me is that I love grindcore, noise, fastcore, powerviolence and crust; something which will be reinforced in my contributions to the Monolith. I have dirtied my hands a little in the production and promotion games, and am an avid supporter of the DIY ethic, where a band truly is as good as its own merits.

Principally I will be on the Monolithic Records label side of things in a logistical capacity, but I will also be writing a number of non-review pieces for the Monolith also; hopefully delivering content which is accessible and enjoyable, and if you fancy any more after hours reading feel free to head over to my principal site: Grind to Death.

If you find yourself liking Merzbow, Assuck, Repulsion and anything else that is likely to make your ears bleed, then I think we will be off to a good start. If not, be wary of my corruption. Oh, and just so we get off on the right foot, I am both cynical and critical, but I am yet to determine if that’s due to myself being British or just an asshole.

As for my favourite song of 2012, that would be a hard one especially since given the life expectancy of a track there isn’t much in the way of artistic growth and development in the individual song basis preferring instead to be a piercing bullet of choleric wroth.  However, taking a stab in the dark, “Vacant Caves” by thedowngoing is the first to jump to mind.