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“In Eastern New York, I was born and raised.
Hanging in my room where I spent most of my days.
Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.
Rockin’ like a maniac to all the latest tunes.”

As stated, I’m a New Yorker; more specifically Long Island, but NY nonetheless. I’m currently occupying my time as a freelance graphic/web artist until I land a new job. Since July of 2010, I was writing for Heavy Blog Is Heavy (along with Disinformasiya), under the moniker of Dormition, but have now been seduced by the dark side of the force - The Monolith - where I will be providing your peepers with album reviews. Other than writing and art, I’m usually searching the depths of the internet for those down and dirty bands that can peel the paint off your wall just by the sheer ferocity of their crusty/metallic riffs and angry shouts. What can I say; I like it dirty and grimy!  Other than that, I’m easily enthralled by a multitude of interests and hobbies, such as art, tattoos, sci-fi & fantasy films, collecting toys and vintage artifacts from yonder past, and of course…listening to heavy music.

I’ve always been around heavy music – even at a young age – but my first taste of the scene was when my brother introduced me to the sights and sounds of hardcore and punk rock, which became more of a reality when he brought me to my very first show, and suffice to say, I was enamored by it all. There was just so much to take in; the people, the venue, the atmosphere, and of course the music. The whole experience was nerve wracking and exciting, but from there on I was hooked. It was my first show, but certainly not my last. All these gigs ultimately resulted in my obsession with sounding and acting like a complete maniac as I scream my head off in my band Thracian. Good times.

Another major aspect of my life is art. I’ve always been creative; as a kid I would easily get swept up in a world of my own. Hell, with a ton of action figures and Legos at my disposal, I was free to push my imagination to the limit. Not much has changed, except for losing that child like innocence that comes with adult hood, but I never lost my desire to create and keep my mind occupied with designs that range from professional work for clients, to flat our grimy as hell (my style of choice) art that reflects my current mood.  I also desire a career on the music side of things with my art, as most of my recent clients have been metal/hardcore bands. A major influence that makes itself present in most of my art is based around my love of Rorschach tests, and for those unaware of what that is, simply think of inkblots.  I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had a fascination with them.  A single inkblot could be interpreted in so many different ways purely based on the mind perceiving it, and that’s the feeling I look to express in all of my work.

As for my moniker, the name Dormition is an old word meaning “a peaceful and painless death”. My first encounter with the word was when I was attending college: it was mentioned in a history of art book I had owned. I can’t exactly say what drew me to the word, but ever since it has become my moniker of choice that I use for practically everything, including for my own freelance design work, which goes by the name of Dormition Designs.

But enough of this self-promoting of my side work; my main goal for The Monolith is to indulge in what I love most: hardcore and the like. Most of the albums I will likely be reviewing will be those bands that get overshadowed by the more popular or mainstream metal/hardcore acts. I want to open more eyes and ears to the underbelly of the scene, which I feel is becoming more prominent, but will never outshine the ‘big’ bands. Seeing as how my taste in heavy music has taken a complete full circle, starting with hardcore, and within the past two years coming right back to it, I find myself falling in love all over again. With that, I hope to reach those of you looking to explore an overlooked genre (more so in the recent take over of djent), and if I manage to get one person to check out any of the bands I write about, I shall consider it a job well done.

Anyway, with thirty years under my belt and getting more bitter by the day, I’ve gone from a geeky kid who would rather spend time to himself, to a young adult (yet still a geek) who is now married to a kick ass girl, owns a house, and curses the current economical crisis (I need a job) – but one thing is certain, I will always have music to comfort me when things go awry.  It is the one thing that will never let me down, and always be there for me (my wife as well, love you honey) when I need it, no matter the situation.

As requested by the higher ups, we were given the task of choosing what we believe is the top song of the year. This is a tough choice, seeing as how this year has given us countless awesome songs. It’s also tough as obviously the year is not yet over, and any minute now a new song can pop up and knock us on our collective rumps. Anyway, I’ve been mustering over possible song choices and I’ve decided to go with a song I first heard early in the year. This track of chaotic goodness comes from the Canadian hardcore band – and a personal favorite of mine - Tempest, and their song ‘Solace I’. Rage!