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Hi! My name is Sophus, but those of you who know me from OKCupid can call me duke_of_anal420.  You may also remember me from The Number of the Blog.

I am a 21 year old college student majoring in biology. Writing, for me, is a pretty painful experience; it involves lots of clenching and straining, and basically amounts to me hitting my head against an idea until words come out, but when they do I feel so much better. So yeah, it amounts to passing a massive turd, and scatological analogies are only one of the many things you can look forward to in my articles.

I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to music, but I’ve got a low tolerance for anything overly processed and/or shiny. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the music; I just get a very visceral negative feeling whenever I hear typewriter drums and the like. That’s not to say I hate synthetically-produced music – I quite love a lot of electronic music – but when it comes to metal I’m firmly from the anti-sheen, keep-it-rotten school of thought. I’d also like to think myself averse to music that’s shallow and insipid, but I’ll give anything that pushes the right aesthetic buttons a chance. That said, I try to keep on the lookout for music that tries to stand on gimmicks so I can stay the hell away from it.

Metal makes up probably at least 80% of everything I ever listen to, but I’m attracted to any music with a bent towards romanticism and imagination, which is probably why there is very little in the realm of punk I ever listen to. I’m very fond of industrial/post industrial though; my two favorite bands of ever are Swans and Coil.

In the field of music journalism, a lot of attention tends to be paid to generic flavor-of-the-months that have nothing new to offer anyone, and that’s exactly the kind of thing I hope to avoid as a features writer. What I look for in music is some amount of longevity; something that sticks with you beyond making your head nod for its duration. It’s my hope to introduce y’all to some really fucking interesting things, and I’ll be pretty happy if I can accomplish as much.

Here we have my favorite song of the year, from Swans’ latest record The Seer. “The Apostate” is emblematic of that album, building up through multiple movements to crush with krautrock-reminiscent repetition and confound with absurd complexity. I mean, just listen to those drums.