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“To Reign Immortal” is a song by a Chilean unblack-outfit called Soterion and its closing line: “Hear with the spirit and march to victory”. It’s the key line to my life. Spirituality is a very tough, but important road to follow, and for me it’s not just music, but rather art in a broader sense that has played a big role in it. As such, I joined The Monolith as ‘The Artist’ – the little man with the big mouth; a substantial mind, and slight knowledge.

Consequently, I have one of my own paintings hanging on the wall of my living room. It depicts my soul, crucified on a tree. I believe that the concept of soul has both a very wide and a very specific meaning: it can be ourselves, as a very distinct, spiritual individual, but also a certain aesthetic, only to be found in art. This, however, doesn’t have to be visual art: it could also be prose, poetry or sound – but as we talking music now, and music unifies all forms of art, the sound, the poetry, the visual and sometimes the prose. The reason why music is so popular, is because it is one of the ultimate manifestations of soul; it touches our deepest being in a very direct way.

I grew up on music. My parents had a large drawer at home with some 300 CDs, ranging from classical music to gospel, from hard rock to electro-pop; my musical heritage had a great start. Frankly, in the beginning I didn’t dig anything from that drawer, yet when I left to start living by myself a few weeks ago, I had made the contents my own (not literally) and added to that a specific taste in jazz, blues and the whole spectrum of heavy music.

Originally, I started writing about music not for the music, but for the writing part. I kept hearing from my language teachers how my work was intelligent and pleasant to read, so I found that I really had to do something with this ‘writing talent’. The fact that I couldn’t get enough of music – always striving to discover new bands or even new genres for that matter – made me want to write about this incredible drug. I thoroughly enjoyed listening and analysing each and every album I could lend my ear to, seeing how bands grow throughout their careers, so when I finally joined the blogosphere in 2011, I had the time of my life.

Now The Monolith has arrived, and with it an exciting time, not only for me, but also for the scene; for the bands that I loved to see grow up, and for the new bands to come. The Monolith is the place where I always wanted to be: situated in the middle of the scene, where I would be able to help build it from the very core.

So, I’m very proud and very grateful to be part of this fantastic effort, and I hope to see many years come and go here. I really want to be there where the magic happens and serve the scene with what I have; bands, labels and fans alike.

In order to kick off the start of my time at the Monolith, I will be posting a song. This song comes off the first album I bought this year, which was Les Voyages de l’Âme by Alcest. Enjoy!