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Hails and flails!

I am very proud to be The Monolith’s first contributing photographer; a visual outlet to support the creative inner-workings of our writers. My passion for digital image-making stems from a lifelong love of art, which has grown with me – from producing dozens of Superman drawings a day as an infant, into something out of which I wish to make a career, and continue with for the rest of my life.

Two of my favourite things are the natural world and technology; an odd juxtaposition, I know. I am an avid wildlife enthusiast, dedicated gamer and admirer of beauty in everything, from the micro to the macro. I would love to move to a log cabin on the west coast of Canada, put on some Alcest, and watch orcas hunting from my porch as the sun goes down.

You will be hard-pressed to annoy me, as I am generally very tolerant and non-judgmental, but a lack of respect for our fellow beings is probably the best way to get me riled up. Having said that, I will happily hold my corner in a debate and do enjoy discussing philosophical, social and ethical issues. Oh, and music, of course. I suppose I should actually talk about that at some point, given how it’s the driving force that has brought us all here.

Iron Maiden are my sanctuary. In a different world, I would be the nomad following them around the globe; crowd surfing on a sea of madness, photographing and capturing moments caught somewhere in time, witnessing stage shows beyond my wildest dreams, surrounded by my blood brothers and professing my love for heavy metal from here to eternity. I guess this is for another life.

If you noted all of the references in that, I think we will get on very well.

Besides metal, my music library mostly consists of instrumental artists and soundtracks. I enjoy listening to everything from Anaal Nathrakh to Ludovico Einaudi and have a pretty open mind when it comes to new music. I don’t tend to enjoy ‘nu’ or ‘-core’ bands, although I will try anything once.

[Ed. - Here's a selection of Kotelo's past work, not in association with The Monolith, but indicative of what you can expect from her!]