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To your mighty Iron Council, time is a mere constant nuisance. We see life and death as one, though ever since erupting in your world we are confined by your petty laws of physics and the space time continuum. Bah!

Considering this will probably be one of the last Halloweens for which any of you will be alive, we’ve decided to help you celebrate by giving away an assortment of tasty prizes, including the pumpkin you see above! (Note: The Monolith is not liable for the actions of its gremlins eating the pumpkin or your subsequent disappearance from the face of the earth after coming to inquire why you never received a pumpkin).

We posted about this last week, so consider this a generous reminder. Win yourself an Acolyte membership! So, if you’re dressing up tonight, or dressing up your animals or homes, then just take a picture and post it to our Facebook page. It really is that simple!

Have a great night tonight everyone, be safe, and let’s win a bunch of prizes for the weekend!