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You must be wondering “Who is this extremely knowledgeable fellow? How does he know so much, and why is he so alluring? And how do I pronounce his name?” Rest assured, anonymous reader, that all your questions will be answered. I am your friendly neighbourhood Orsaeth: a charming writer from the desolate frozen wastes of Vancouver, Canada. Make all your Canadian/riot jokes now, I’ve heard them all, and if you can find something I haven’t heard, that’s great because I love jokes! I tell them all the time; most of them pun based. I probably got it from my dad. I had no chance.

I have a very wide taste in music, from metal, to jazz, to blues and beyond, but I mostly stick to classic rock, progressive metal, rock, black metal, and traditional metal! That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy other genres, of course; like I said, I enjoy pretty much anything; though don’t ask me to listen to country music. If you try I will force-feed you your own eyeballs. I’d prefer to listen to bad pop music over country music. I’m not an elitist, though I pretend to be one sometimes because it’s hilarious.

How did I get into metal, you ask? I grew up listening to bands like RushGenesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Scorpions. My dad got me into Dream Theater when I was 12, and it spiralled from there. I got into progressive metal like Symphony X, Coheed and Cambria, and Fates Warning, and then discovered Iron Maiden. I was never really into the harsher vocals in metal until I was 17 when I discovered Enslaved, Summoning and black metal in general as well as the darker depths of doom and death metal. Since then I’ve branched out into almost all areas of metal, save a few that I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around. I’ll try pretty much anything once though.

I play guitar, and dabble in singing, and I do have my own band, so don’t get all uppity and say something dumb like “You can’t criticize music, because you don’t know what you’re talking about, because you’re not in a band!” Obviously I fixed your grammar a bit there for you, but the sentiment remains. I do know what it takes to make music (never mind that I’ve never put out an album or any release with a band. Let’s keep that part quiet, ok?).

Outside of music, I have a few other interests. I’m a hockey fan, always supporting the Vancouver Canucks, and a CFL fan (the Canadian NFL). Around springtime, when the NHL playoffs start, I get very excited. I have an avid interest in astronomy, which is very metal. Space is the most metal thing to ever exist, with its black holes, hypervelocity stars, galactic voids… I could go on (and on and on, it’s Heaven and Hell).

Now, I shall tell you about my name Orsaeth. It was back, in the dark time before I knew of internet blogs that weren’t MetalSucks. In a Bathory-induced fit of madness, the image of Quorthon himself appeared, and bestowed upon me the name of Orsaeth. To this day, I carry its mantle to honour the memory of all our fallen brethren! As for pronunciation, you’ll only be reading it so I’m not sure why it even matters. Still, I suppose I must humour you: ‘oar-sayth’ – though I’m not picky.

That’s all you need to know for now, I think. Perhaps we can get to know each other better over a few beers!