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Born Of Osiris unveil a video for album opener “M∆chine”

Born Of Osiris Ronnie Canizaro

Today marks a pretty big release in the prog calendar. Chicagoans Born Of Osiris have made a name for themselves over the past few years, particularly with their 2011 album The Discovery, and it’s about that time for a new record (they’ve been pretty metronomic when it comes to output), and today they’re putting out Tomorrow We Die ∆live, their third full-length.

By way of celebration, we’ve got both a video AND a full stream of the album to take a look-see at. The video’s kind of moot at this point, but we’ll talk about that first.

Filmed at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival date in Detroit, it’s your basic live performance video (albeit outside at a festival), and whilst it’s well filmed and shows the kind of interaction (read: moshing) they get, its preamble (“we’re being filmed/go nuts”) would get tiring were you so inclined to hit repeat several times – which, to be fair, I did, because the song – “M∆chine” – is alright.

It has grown on me since it was first premiered as audio only, and whilst it does sound an awful lot like more of the same, it does has some nice touches (the Fleshgod-esque orchestral opening being great in terms of build-up).

Increasing its redundancy, however, is the fact that the whole album is being streamed on YouTube via the following playlist.

I’ve only had a cursory listen so far, so initial impressions are sketchy to pin down, but it sounds fine. Nothing amazing. Again; more of the same. This may be changed either way, so make up your own damn mind and hurl your verbal faeces my way in the comments.

As mentioned, Tomorrow We Die ∆live is out today via Sumerian Records. I’d love to know what the whole “∆” thing is all about, as the tracklisting is rife with them every time there’s an A. Probably something to do with whole Osiris/Egyptian angle I assume. Can anyone enlighten me?