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Unconfirmed reports from former member suggest Fair To Midland are no more

Fair To Midland

If you’re familiar with long-running American rock outfit Fair To Midland, it’s fair to say you probably also love them to bits. With otherworldly frontman Darroh Sudderth a focal point, and backed by a strong quartet of musical talent including guitarist Cliff Campbell, their last album Arrows and Anchors was very well received, hitting #65 on the Billbaord 200

Unfortunately, a few separate bits of information have surfaced over the past few months that have led many to believe that FtM might be no more.

For starters, nothing has been heard from the band’s official Facebook page this year, bar two posts – one in January and one in March – and they were fairly inconsequential insofar as they were unrelated to the actual band. Furthermore, the band’s official website, as well as the forums, has expired without being renewed, which would indicate something more than just inactivity. Those things take money to run, and if they’re not being used…

More damningly, word has also been making its way around after former drummer Brett Stowers posted the following statement to his personal Facebook page:

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Lately, a lot of people have been asking me if I know anything about the current situation with Fair To Midland. I’m by no means an official source of info, but i’ll tell you what I know because I feel like the fans deserve to know what’s up.

First off, even before I was no longer in the band, FTM was in quite a bit of debt. This, I’m certain, only got worse as time went on. Second, as far as I know, FTM currently have no label or official management. Third, without getting too much into anyone’s personal life, I can say at least a couple members have expressed to me their frustration about lack of communication by certain other members of the band. Finally, the current members of FTM are spread out all over the country at this point. I would imagine that would make getting together for rehearsals/writing prohibitively expensive. (Plane rides, gas, accommodations, etc… you get the picture. Hell, it was hard enough when we were all in the relatively small area of Dallas/Commerce/Sulphur Springs.)

Read into the fact that nobody bothered to renew the band’s domain name what you will. (which actually kind of upsets me. there was a lot of FTM history on those forums)

With all that said, like most of you, I sincerely hope that the guys are able to turn things around. Even though I was a member for 10+ years, I was a fan first. I’ll be cheering alongside you if a new tour/album/whatever is announced, but i’m not holding my breath.

Our bros Heavy Blog Is Heavy interviewed Cliff a couple of years ago, and it seemed even then that the fans were the sole factor in Arrows and Anchors even being released, but if the band are crippled by debt, not really speaking, and spread further than the collective braincells of the Westboro Baptist Church, things don’t look too positive – what can they realistically do?

The popular crowdfunding trend is always an option – if they’re interested – as they’re a well-loved group, and they could probably do quite well out of it.

Alas – we’ll just have to see. Perhaps this renewed attention will force their hand and we’ll know either way. For those interested, the former denizens of the aforementioned forum are now set up in this Facebook group – perhaps you can find out more there.

We’ll leave you with their video for “Musical Chairs“, and the hope that all of this is complete bollocks.

Are you a Fair To Midland fan? Have we just ruined your day? Who should pick up the band? Thoughts below please!